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Pipeline system repair

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Pipeline system repair

Clock spring

The Clock Spring® technology, patented by Clock Spring Company, L.P. in the 1980s, was developed for the repair and structural reinforcement needs of pipeline systems. More than 250 000 units have already been installed in 75 countries around the world.

When it was first developed, the Clock Spring ® technology was tested by the Gas Technology Institute (GTI). This institute undertook a whole range of tests on various sizes of Clock Spring ® sleeves simulating 50 years of operation. The results of the tests led to Clock Spring ® technology being declared a permanent method of pipeline system repair with a lifetime of at least 50 years.

Pipeline system repair:

Pipeline system repair
The Clock Spring ® system uses a high-strength corrosion-resistant composite sleeve made of resin and e-glass material. These composite sleeves have a unique shape and size in order that they can be applied to pipeline systems of varying diameters. Because no cutting or welding is involved during application, the risk of pipe damage or a negative environmental impact is eliminated. No greenhouse gases are released and no waste disposal problem is created.

The system works on the basis of local reinforcement (strengthening) of the pipe at the defect location. Tangential stress is applied using a highly compressive filler material on the composite sleeve (Clock Spring), which is wound round and firmly affixed (special adhesive) to the damaged pipe.

The composite sleeve is manufactured in the shape of a spring with a given number of coils of diameter corresponding to the diameter of the pipe which allows it to be firmly wound round and affixed to the pipe. Separate layers are then joined using a special adhesive. The result is the full restoration of the pipeline system. Clock Spring ® technology can be used for the permanent repair of low-pressure or high-pressure pipeline systems.
Benefits of the Clock Spring® method: Pipeline system repair
  • the Clock Spring® system can be utilised for the repair of external defects which have affected up to 80% of the total pipe wall strength
  • the system serves as permanent protection against future corrosion and damage
  • repairs can be made without the necessity of shutting down the pipe
  • the system is applied without the need for cutting or welding
  • repairs made even at extreme temperatures
  • minimum lifetime 50 years
  • correct installation can result in the full restoration of the original pipeline system strength
  • permanent structural reinforcement of corroded pipeline systems
Pipeline system repair Pipeline system repair